Homestead Meadows North, Texas
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I respect your right to post a sign like this, but I resent it and know you will respect my right to spend my money elsewhere. I will no longer dine in or order from any PizzaHut restaurant . Your sign tells criminals that all persons in your stores cannot defend themselves and that all your delivery personnel cannot defend themselves either. It's amazing to me that a large chain such as PizzaHut is folding to such a small number of anti gun people. I hope that you will reconsider and CHANGE YOUR CORPORATE POLICY. I will glady come back and and once again be a loyal customer.

Bob Ostrenga

El Paso, Texas

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Reason of review: No arms allowed policy.

I didn't like: No arms policy.

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Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #907477

To protect yourself and others when some thug comes busting in to rob the place. Next question....

Santa Monica, California, United States #907469

Why the *** do you need to bring a gun to a pizza hut? Are you disabled mentally?

to UareAn*** Bremerton, Washington, United States #907548

I personally carry my pistol everywhere... I don't leave home without it.

No I am not mentally disabled nor do I see why carrying a pistol would make me disabled?


Yes, you definitely sound like you are from Texas. I won't patronize a business that permits arms in the business.

There is no reason for any customer to have to be armed.

Your reasons for thinking they do are completely ridiculous. Pizza Hut will more than likely be thankful you wont be patronizing them again.

to anonymous Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #907472

I work at Pizza Hut and I am not allowed to carry even though I have a CC permit. This once great company continues to shoot itself in the foot.

You are right they are caving to a small ( but obnoxiously loud) percentage of the country. It's ridiculous.

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