Atlantic, Iowa

Yesterday 6/21/14 I ordered a supreme personal pan (to go) First of all, it was not cut into 4 pieces. Great, now what do I do.

So then I picked the whole thing up and was trying to eat it WITHOUT wearing it and found it was a bit too raw for me. By this time I was several miles away from Atlantic.

My last 3 pizzas have not really been cooked enough. I do not pay that price to come home and finish baking it in my oven. I'm very disappointed in your company. I live in Fontanelle and loved to go to Greenfield Pizza Hut but you shut it down. Heck ppl from Creston were coming to Greenfield to eat pizza hut because the one in Creston is so terrible. I usually never write to a company when I get a bad product but I was just really put out yesterday when I had no lunch.

Kamma Christensen

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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what you do then is complain to the actual people who made it and if they dont do anything... order something from them again and dont bother answering the door. :) they just will put you on a no deliver list.


Oh, no! The pizza wasn't cut for you?

I can't believe the nerve of that Pizza Hut. Oppressing store. The horror!

Imagine if you had to cut it yourself. That's awful of them.

to potatopotawto #1089364

As customers we pay 10 or 15 dollars for a pizza thatcwe expect to be done right.that means fully cooked and cut the correct way we don't pay them to half cook a pizza and then just not cut it we pay for it toveay it then... And don't try to say I'm not understanding bc I've never worked in a pizza place bc I've worked in 2 pizza hut and dominos. We as paying customers have the right to be pissed off when our pizza isn't cooked thoroughly and cut correctly


Back when I worked for PH, we froze the Personal Pans, made the night before, so we could just toss them into the oven for lunch (the only time they were served). I know the Supreme and Pepperoni were done this way, but I can't recall if we had others at that time.

Anyway, when they finally came out of the oven, we cut them by hand and boxed them.

First, the undercooked pizza could be because it was pushed through rather than simply ran through (conveyer belt like oven in my day). They were supposed to go through at a set speed to cook completely. If not, undercooked.

If they backed up because no one was cutting them, they could be burnt. Not sure how they do today.

As for cutting, this is an employee fault. You take them from the oven and cut them before boxing them.

Two ways, a roller pizza cutter or a straight/curved one that cuts the whole pizza at one time. Either way, sounds like it missed the cutting step. Though, sometimes they don't put enough pressure on it to cut all the way through.

You could complain to the PH website and see what they say.

If it happens all the time, they could have changed the speed on the oven so it would ran faster, and not cooking the pizza. Cutting has always been a problem, especially when busy. Get a cheap cutter and keep it with you, which is what I did. PH isn't fast food, but it sure feels like it when you're working there.

Sorry about your experience. IF this was my restaurant, I would work with you on this. Seriously, talk to the store manager, not one of his assistants.

Or, the Regional Manager.

Johns Creek, Georgia, United States #830820

"I do not pay that price to come home and finish cooking it in my oven."

-Hahaha. Dumbest comment ever.

You paid 6 dollars, it's not a gourmet meal.

You ordered the thickest crust they have, then added on the most topping laden option they have, and complain it's not cooked enough. Have you ever considered asking them to make it well done?


This isn't the Pizza Hut web site, so your complaining here won't do any good.

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