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I ordered pizza on 27 2020 when I ordered my pizzas and got them delivered it took over an hour and a half and when the pizza arrived we all went to go take a piece of pizza the center was so Dowie that it was not even done some of the meat on the pizza was still cold in the center I have my receipt the manager said that he would go on ahead and put a credit towards my account I called up there on 02/24/2020 The manager told me to stop calling and if I wanna order pizza go somewhere else dont come to this store again Ive never done nothing wrong Ive have always ordered Pizza Hut I dont like Papa Johns Dominos or any other pizza I have always like Pizza Hut and how they treat customers is amazing but unfortunately this Pizza Hut here store number 034260 I will Order pizza from this place again I asked for my refund he told me to go screw myself that the order was almost 2 weeks ago and I cant prove *** if you could please get in contact with me my phone number is 913-605-**** my name is Charles Schultz I paid with a debit card and it would be very nice to have my money returned to me so I can start shopping at another restaurant that whole store over there on 180 S. Parker Olathe, KS 66061 that store needs a total restoration and all new employees its pretty bad when you walk inside and see flies and cockroaches behind the cash register and in the windows

Location: Roselle, Illinois

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If the place had flies and cockroaches then why did you order delivery pizza? I woud never eat food food from a place that I knew in advance was nasty like that.

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