Hello I have called your location in Belen , And los lunas New Mexico for a delivery I asked them what’s there delivery radius they said it depends I asked depending on what they said just depends I gave my address and they said no they delivery to Morris rd 2 miles before me I live 6.5 miles from both locations and neither would deliver even with a pandemic they said delivery are good enough with out delivering to my area they didn’t need that area they stay busy I feel that they are not having good service and should be address they should have a radius or something better then it depends or they just don’t deliver there the Belen location said they delivery to sears only 2 miles before me also but yet we had to take are business to dominos they made no excuses and deliver to us sometimes it’s good to have other pizza I’m sure they loose a lot of business by acting like that I wanted to make this known thank you

User's recommendation: Can’t answer delivery radius it depends they state.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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