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I ordered the three topping medium Pizza the pizza came I ordered it online mind you when it came it only had pepperoni it looked dry as a bone very little cheese I called spoke the manager the manager said I will have to wait she put me on hold came back to the phone she looked at my order she told me what I ordered I ordered three ingredients pepperoni banana peppers and mushrooms something that is nutritious for you like spinach they took that off the menu so I couldn't order that so getting back to the order she was a very polite she told me I had to wait 2 hours before I get a second pizza I said that's not there it wasn't my fault that the pizza came with just pepperoni she also said she asked me was I going to eat the pizza I said no she said you have to give the pizza back anyway okay I'll give it back so I waited 2 hours I gave the pizza back the original one with just the pepperoni the pizza was so hard it was a threat thin crust I ordered then cross all the time never ever in my life had I had a pizza that hard and plus it was cold they had the three toppings but it was cold and very hard the edges of the pizza was dark brown I think she did it on purpose I wasn't mean to her I didn't raise my voice I didn't speak out of line at all with her I am a Jehovah witness and we know how to hold our time I was very polite even though she was harsh with me it is very hard to find a corporate number to speak to someone for Pizza Hut because they had behind the disgrace of that pizzas they know that that pizza has gone down that's why I didn't want you to call them anymore they don't care they're billionaires my name is Lisa I order pizza from Williamsburg road in Richmond Virginia I tell you Pizza Hut you're at the bottom of the list now I you're at the bottom the lis the list

User's recommendation: I don't think I will order from Pizza Hut anymore I think I will go to Little Caesars at least they are polite when you let them know that something is wrong with the pizza and that pizza is always hot.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Pizza Hut Pros: Close to home.

Pizza Hut Cons: Rude unhelpful manager and getting hung up on, Disgusting and old, Extremely bad service and customer service, Liars and still w aiting on delivery, Treated very badly and yelled at.

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Actually it is your fault. Your English is so poor that they could not understand you.

They are not lying. Next time get someone who can speak English to order for you.

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