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I was suffering a tragedy in the family and could not cook. I ordered pizza and wings from Pizza Hut at the intersection of Hwy 55 and 54 in Durham, NC.

I ate one and thought it was a bit chewy. I bit into the next one, looked at it, and it was raw and cold on the inside. I called to complain and was only refunded the price of the wings. I vomited this morning.

I cannot believe I ate raw chicken and hope I don't get salmonella. NEVER ORDER WINGS FROM THIS PLACE, UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET VIOLENTLY ILL.

Review about: Pizza Hut Chicken Wings.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1254801

Mentioning a "tragedy" right away makes me suspicious. Sucks that you got raw chicken and they definitely needed to refund that, but what else do you expect? Money for emotional trauma?


Let me guess....your "family tragedy" was not being compensated the 30k you demanded from My pillow® because you spent over 13,000 hours whining to customer service that the pillow was responsible for every real and imagined hardship you've ever faced...

And now you'll spend another 13,000 hours whining about fast food..


Uncooked meat/chicken is the #1 sin of just about any cook/chief.

I understand about family tragedy... My mother & sister both passed away in the past 2 years. But, I don't throw it peoples faces when I have a bad experience in a restaurant or retail store, or, when someone is snippy to me.

Newark, California, United States #970694

i actually LOVE raw and rare-cooked chicken. In Tegran, where I came from to America, we also live in Huts.

We do not have stoves, but cook chicken by candle or sometime electric light bulbs.

We do not get sick often, but when we do, it can often be a colorful and energetic affair with many people watch and laugh the projectile vomitation come flying out. It is great fun in my towns.

to Projectile VOMITOSIAN #1155824

Any other stories you want to make-up because your nose is getting longer...

Morehead City, North Carolina, United States #885048

No you didn't. All the chicken Pizza Hut serves to customers is pre-cooked. All they are doing is heating it up for you.

to Collin Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #962660

Lol! !


Yeah! She's an ***!

to flippette Chicago, Illinois, United States #970697

how horribly harsh. This was obviously after the Locharby Scotland downing of Flight 114.

Many were killed. You should be ashamed of yourself.

to Collin Elstree, Elstree, United Kingdom #970695

Never say that again, unless you know the corporate process done at all Pizza HUT and PIazza NUT restaurant in the Undressed State. Lousy ball eater go dump a load.

to Collin Los Angeles, California, United States #1224764

Bullsit I got RAW honey BBQ wings last nite.....pink. NOT cold. Have pictures and bagged to send to corporate


What the heck dude? I just think pizza hut is upright horrible . I still think that they could go out of business

Turija, Vojvodina, Serbia #617936

Is the family tragedy Pizza Huts fault as well?

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #617929

tOO MUCH trouble to put it in the microwave!

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