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We ordered pizza and wings last night about 45 minutes before closing time. The lady took my order and told me that my food world be ready in 15 minutes.

For some odd reason my card wouldn't work so i called to let her know that i might be late because i had to go to the atm to get the money. We arrived 15 minutes after they closed. When we walked up the lady was rude and she had an attitude. She the proceeded to tell me that she never took our order.

Which she did, and she also told is that it wasn't her *** problem!

This is by far the WORST customer service one ever had from here! She was unprofessional and she took the did that we ordered home with her!

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You are lucky you were able to walk in and make the purchase. Most places would have locked the door and thrown your order away.

to Anonymous #1537614

And it would have been a blessing for any hungry people looking in the dumpster for food to eat. Once, I was so hungry, that I looked into a dumpster in Sacremento, California and there was a single box of an entire old pizza in there.

i took it out and ate it even though it tasted gross like it had been there awhile. I was glad that someone had thrown it away for me to find.

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