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Called to order a pizza, after being on hold for 11:38, some answers the phone and says thank you for calling Pizza Hut hold please click! After 5:24 seconds someone gets on the line and proceeds to take my order.

Half thru my order he says hold please and places me on hold again, this time for 3:58. At which he hangs up on me. I called back only to listen to elevator music and to hear how Pizza Hut really appreciates my business and thanking me for using their service but would really like for me to order online to help them out. Unknown if to them I am out of town with friends and staying in a condo with no online service or a unsecured internet that exposes my information on my phone which is why I called in the first place.

After being on the phone on hold again for several minutes, I finally get someone how begins to take my order, after getting thru this entire nightmare of a process and being told what I should get rather that what I ordered, I give them my address an the guy says oh sorry you need to call the other Pizza Hut down the road as this is not their territory. I ask if he could transfer me and he hung up. I then place another call to this next phone number list on the Pizza Hut advertisement, which I begun the entire process of getting jerked around for 9:12 of this answering system, which tells you thank you for being an idiot and calling Pizza Hut blah blah blah, and how they appreciate your business. Then someone finally answers and says please hold click, not cant you hold, or Im sorry but I will be right with you etc.

just plain you hold! As if you guys are the only people on the planet that serves pizza and I owe you something and should lean over and just kiss your *** When this guy returns to the line after several minutes, it only takes me seconds to realize this is not going to end well. This guy cant even speak English! Being born and bred in the United States of America and a veteran of this country, I do find it relatively important that you speak English!

As the last time I checked it is still our native language. Not only did I find it difficult to communicate but down right disrespectful!!! As a paying customer and a American citizen, not to mention a veteran the least as company like Pizza Hut could do is hire someone to answer the phone that speaks English! So after struggling to place my orders and repeating myself numerous times the gentlemen told me it would be 75-90 minutes plus delivery time.

Mind you this Pizza Hut was with in walking distance from my condo and this would be after closing time of there lobby? My question is why did I bother? I have been a loyal consumer of Pizza Hut for years and order from you guys regularly as does my Father, and our family. But you can rest assure you will never stiff the smell of one red nickel of my money again until you fix your problems and become more personal with your customers.

No to mention I will share my experience with many other I come in contact with on a daily bases for as long as I live.

In closing, i was anyway taught as a business person that one happy customer will share with 2 or 3 others, but a dissatisfied customer will tell hundreds. Sincerely, Never again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Pizza Hut Pros: Great food, Price.

Pizza Hut Cons: Disrespectful, Excuses of very long delivery time.

Location: 500 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

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What you described sounds about par for Pizza Hut. And you didn't even go into the poor quality and taste of their pizza.

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