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I just spent $10 on a valentines day heart-shaped pizza. It was so small that my youngest daughter easily ate half the entire pizza.

We called pizza hut to inquire about the extremely small size... Their response: we have to cut a lot of crust off to make the shape of a heart. OK, minions, this is simple geometry here... you cut off some of the dough at the bottom and add it to the top to make a heart.

We learned this in 5th grade, right?

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What did you expect for $10? A real pizza costs $17+.

You wanted cheap, you got cheap.

to Anonymous Pennsylvania, United States #1115309

I agree, they paid almost half the price for the pizza, so they got less pizza. You pay less, you get less, we learn that in fifth grade right.

But to the anonymous poster, I agree that calling a child names is harmful but sometimes posters pretend to be the OP.

Hope that is the case here as well. However with the sarcaism in the last paragraph maybe this is the OP.


Valentine's Day is the name of a holiday and should begin with a capital letter right?

We learn that in the first grade right?

to Anonymous #1113439

Oh you think you are being funny right, I was so angry about my daughter(whom I bought regular pizza for) when she ate half of our pizza. I called her a fat pig, and my wife and I got in a fight because of this.

They ruined Valentines Day. See I started it with a capital letter just for you.

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