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My pizza had an excessive amount of crust, or inadequate amount of topping. I had literally 2" of crust on my pizza. When I called in, the manager was defensive and insisted that they use special cups for the toppings, and they do something else to the dough that is special, etc... and they NEVER make a pizza wrong. Her name was Nicole at the Rosemont Ave Pizza hut in Frederick Md.

I have attached a picture of one of the pizzas that I received. Please, let me know if this is up to your standards. If it is, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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I'm sorry I don't mean to be critical of you , but what do you expect from pizza hut , its mass produced and the kids that work there don't care about ya , you gotta find a real pizza place in your hood if there is one

Oviedo, Florida, United States #925894

It's *** like that that made me learn to make my own pizza...

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #908371

Wonder if you measured the crust directly across from where your ruler is in the pic??? Looks like it's MAYBE 3/4 of an inch of crust on that side. Is that too little crust for you?

The fact that you have the time and inclination to measure and photograph your pizza tells me all I need to know about you.

to Tlc #989670

You are ***, right? Like a waterhead?


If this pizza looks acceptable to you then it's proof you have never had a pie somewhere other than an institutional cafeteria in a psycho lock-down.

2. The fact that you have time and inclination to troll people lodging complaints at tells me all I need to know about you.

The charge nurse is yelling for you Tlc - time for you to take your Depakote and go nap nap!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #882131

I would have returned it, asked for a full refund, then eaten elsewhere.

to bologna #882135

The amount of toppings is right, just sounds like a greedy person.


looks like the right amount of toppings just saying

and they aren't going to replace you pizza with a 2 inch crust yeah it is bigger then normal but yeah most likey they won't do anything.

to blueribbon Oviedo, Florida, United States #925896

It looks like vomit on dough.

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