On Friday, May 11 2012, at approximately 5:30 PM EST, my wife and I (we're both 59 years old) decided to order "take out" food from our local Pizza Hut (located at 510 Hyde Park Rd. in Leechburg Pennsylvania, 15656... Phone number 724-845-8515). My wife got online and ordered the "Hot Deal" which includes pizza, wings and pasta. This order was to be ready at approximately 6:15 PM. We arrived early at our local Pizza Hut at approximately 6:05 PM. We were told that our order would be "out" soon so my wife paid for the food with her credit card and then we sat and patiently waited (as did other customers) for our food. The woman, sitting next to us (who had already notified the staff that she was present, as we did), had ordered two personal pan pizzas to go. As everyone waited for their orders (the store was very busy), the woman next to us eventually stood up and approached the counter and asked an employee "are those my two personal pan pizzas?" as she pointed to the "rack" The employee ask her for her name, she replied, and sure enough, those were her two pizzas that sat "on the rack" that holds and keeps warm the finished order. My point here is… WHEN THE WOMAN'S ORDER WAS READY, NOBODY (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE) LET THAT WOMAN KNOW THAT HER ORDER WAS READY. IT WAS UP TO THAT WOMAN TO ASK FOR HER FOOD. At this point, I turned to my wife and said "if she (that woman) was NEVER told that her order was ready to go, then maybe our order was also JUST SITTING THERE on the rack. My wife and I got up and approached the counter and very calmly asked if our order was ready… sure enough, our order also was JUST SITTING THERE AND WE WERE NEVER TOLD IT WAS READY. The girl working the cash register checked the order for our name and then she handed us two boxes. My wife and I then left the store and headed to our car. As we approached our car, my wife said to me "wait, there's only two boxes… I better look inside them to see if our ENTIRE order is here." We laid the boxes on the trunk lid of our car and looked inside them and found NO WINGS! At this point I am now a "little" dissatisfied and "slightly" angry and we head back into the store. We enter the store; I place the two boxes on the counter. I tell the "register girl" that our order was NOT COMPLETED and I ask her "what kind of inept and incompetent people do you have working here?" I then continue with "first you don't tell people when their order is ready, you make the "already paid" customer ask for their food, and then you give me and my wife an INCOMPLETE order and send us on our way!" At this point, some young "punk" employee (who is a represented of Pizza Hut) starts literally YELLING AT ME!!! I ask him if he was the manager and he said "yes" but HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME HIS NAME!!! What do I do when somebody YELLS AT ME???… The answer is… I YELL RIGHT BACK!!! Now this YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT and I are in a shouting match and EVERY EMPLOYEE IN THE STORE stops working and starts observing the shouting match and the line of customers is almost out the door, and this YOUNG PUNK continues to YELL at me and make excuses for the INEPT AND INCOMPETENT WORK OF HIS EMPLOYEES. I threaten to call 911, then he threatens to call 911 but neither one of us ever do. I eventually threaten to call 911 a second time (because he would not stop) but my wife asks me not to so I don't. I tell this YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT that I either want our entire order NOW or a COMPLETE REFUND! What does this YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT do? He tells me "you're not getting your wings" and he turns to the "register girl" and tells her to "refund their money for the wings!" I then say, "you can't do that… we ordered the "Hot Deal" not just a portion of it! Give us the entire order or a complete refund!" This continues for approximately ten minutes and this YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT continued to VERBALLY ABUSE AND THREATEN ME with "you're not getting the wings" or "refund their money" or "don't refund their money" or "just refund their money for the wings" and on and on and on and on… Now I am verging on RAGE and I tell this YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT that he is a "*** ***!" and the verbal assaults and threats continue by this YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT. We finally received the wings and left.

The next morning, my wife informs me that she received a voice message from that manager at Pizza Hut. He then said his name was Matt and he apologized TO A MACHINE and informed my wife that we would not be charged for the meal… HEY YOU YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT… IT'S A LITTLE TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE NOW AND THE COWARD ONLY APOLOGIZED TO A MACHINE!!!

This employee (Matt?) of Pizza Hut, at the very minimum, needs to be demoted to mopping floors and cleaning toilets and at the very maximum, HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!


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Get over it old man. You sound like an ***!!!

I'm sure the situation was different from this 'YOUNG PUNK MANAGER WHO IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF PIZZA HUT" point of view. You sound like a bitter, vile old man.

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1248072

those idiots couldnt find thier *** with both hands


You mad bro?!?!? Hahahahaha you could have been nice about it and they usually are nice back.. Way to be an *** lolololol


We ordered a thin crust pizza tonight and it was as hard as cardboard. There was hardly any sauce.

I truly believe that was a pizza from another order that no one picked up.

It was hard and dry. I guess we'll start going back to Vocelli pizza.


I was 5 minutes late to pick up my order and was told ot was thrown out meanwhile I was standing in line for 15 minutes ...I emailed pizza hut and spoke with a district manager .... and the person who was mngr at the time got fired


Pizza Hut doesn't care as long as they get your money they work managers 6 and 7 days a week and 8 am to 11pm at least 4 days a week a short day is 10 hours.That manager was probably 6 of 180 that year.Anyone at pizza *** for that long is crazy


I used to work here and if someone as ignorant as you came in I would beat your *** if you referred to me as "register girl or punk." I wish I would have been there.

to SupeR *** Springboro, Pennsylvania, United States #1318857

beat someones *** lol.......unlikely register ***, this tough talk from a minimum wage douchebbag


I Was the young lady working that night when this *** came to pick up his food. And that is definantly not how it went down.

This was a Friday or Saturday night during a dinner rush when he came to pick up his 2 pizzas and wings with his wife, when he approached the counter Matt and i let him know that his pizza was in the oven and it would be a few more minutes. About 5 minutes pass and his pizzas came out so Matt who was working cut table put his pizzas into the warmer bags. one minute later the guy gets up and starts screaming about us not giving him his pizzas right as they came out of the oven..at this point im starting to get scared because their are children all around us and hes using the 'F' word not stop. So i handed him his food as quickly as possible to make the *** happy.

He leaves and returns quickly and starts screaming and i mean screaming the other customers were in shock and came close to escorting this guy out of the store...I explained to the guy that the reason his pizzas were not handed right to him is because his wings were not finished.

We were scared for our lives at this point as well as the other customers that witnessed this. Eventuallt this crazy man left and all the customers came to us commenting on this *** no one could believe this ***....Pizza Hut appreciates our customers but he was just a lunatic even his wife was standing next to him telling him to shut up he was wrong...one word...PSYCHO!!!!!!


Calling 911 over an order of FÃœCK1NG order of wings?!? He was right to throw you out of the store if your first response to the employee (or as you so rudely called "register girl") is "what kind of inept and incompetent people do you have working here?".

You got so mad because someone didn't get there pizza instantly, but you have every right to call these employees "girl" and "YOUNG PUNK MANAGER"?

"HE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!" - No you're not, but you are certainly an A55H0LE and an 1D1OT for the way you acted that night. I'm sure Pizza Hut would be glad to never see your rude face again.

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