I got a pizza and wings which was $20.24 and I gave the driver $22.00.

I walked outside shortly after the delivery and there was spit on my front door.

Maybe the guy was unhappy about his tip, but if he wasn't such a *** loser

Maybe he could get a better paying job. I didn't pick his career for him. That was

his choice. If I find out that he did it, I will be making a trip to that store and beating

his *** ***!!! Next time the tip will be "look both ways before you cross the


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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #695796

You sir are a *** sucker! 1.75 really I would have told you to keep your change and I would spit on your pie not your next time I came to your house.

Like who ever it was said you are taking food out of my children's mouth and clothes off there back and FYI I'm not a loser I'm in school and I'm trying to get by.

You are a as$hole Don't fu€k with the dude that sits with your food by himself for 10 o 15 mins. :(

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #671824

Drivers don't "purely" rely on tips. They are paid minimum wage of $7.25 an hour while in the store, where they do pretty much nothing, but hang out and wait for delivery to come up.

When they dispatch and leave the store, they are paid I believe $4.25 an hour and a dollar for each delivery for mileage and tips. They rarely go more than 3 miles round trip. In busy dinner hours each driver makes at least 5 deliveries an hour. Here we go, $5 + $4,25 + average of $2 for each delivery in tips.

Equals $19.25 an hour. That is almost 3 times more than I ever made just being stuck in the store as a cook. I didn't ever spit in anyone's food just because I felt I wasn't paid enough. I can't believe that driver did what he did.

He should be thankful for the tip he got, because it could be none at all. And I can't believe the comments supporting the ***, that came to paying customer, took his $1.76 and then spit on his door!


most the idiots complaing about delivery dont realize how little the drivers are paid and purely rely on the tips to just pay for the gas to get to them, not even considering the ware on the vehicles they drive (which pizza hut doesnt compensate for). below min wage just isnt enough for the person asking for delivery to get the right to even complain about anything. go pick up your own d*mn food!


Oh what a big, bad "man" you are!!! I think the loser is the one you look at in the mirror.

Let me guess. You are one of the people who live in the big house with the nice car. Most of you are douche bags. I'd rather deliver to a trailer park then a development.

They know how to tip.

I hope they spit in your food. : :)

Augusta, Georgia, United States #651072

I have worked at Pizza Hut for 2 1/2 years to support my son. People that don't tip, or that don't tip a decent amount take food out of my son's mouth and clothes off his back.

You deserved a lot more that spit on your porch. You don't tip a waitress just 5% and they don't have to use their gas to bring you your food!

to Deliver Driver #719137

And whos f****** dumb idea was it to have a child when you were not financially prepared to do so and working at pizza hut? if anyone took food out of his mouth it was his irresponsible father.

Mantachie, Mississippi, United States #643712

Wow Dude! I just wanted to make this and even dozen people who know what a narcissistic *** you are.

This is a good time for you to reflect on what you did and change your ways. We all know who the looser is and it is not the guy on the outside of your door. The difference between your house and a porcupine is that the *** is on the inside at your house.

Karma is a b*tch.

Fresno, California, United States #635219

so you have the nerve to tip the driver $1.76 on a $20.24 pizza delivery and then complain because you "assume" the driver spit on your front door because "maybe" the guy was unhappy with the tip...why do suppose he was unhappy with such a generous tip as a $1.76? you might consider the good points that were made in the comments below...don't *** off the people the handle your food and don't *** off the people that know where you live...something to think about.

I would worry the driver is one of those people that may not get you back today or tomorrow but when you least expect it, expect it! :p


Really you had pizza delivered to you house..so the driver knows where YOU LIVE and knows that you are a COMPLETE WAD. You should be glad driver didn't leave something else that begins with an S and ends with a T and isn't spit!...maybe that will come later...and I hope it does.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #635024

dude, maybe the porch ain't the only thing he spat on. there are a few things you should know about being nice and one of the VERY most important is being nice to the ones who handle ANY part of getting food in an order.


I deliver pizza's part time after working a full time job during the day. It's not because I am a loser it's because I am mother who is raising her children on her own without the help of the government or child support.

I take pride in the fact that everything we have I earn from hard work. I have felt like I was slapped in the face when I got out of my way to give the customer extra parmesan cheese and red pepper and they don't bother to give me a tip. Think about the convenience you have your food delivered to your door all you have to do is call. We are paid less during deliveries because the company believes customers are going to tip us.

We use our own vehicles (wear & tear) our insurance (extra because of delivery) our own gas and we rely on customers to tip accordingly to help compensate what we use since our hourly rate decreases when we check out to deliver your pizza's. We are not losers we are working hard and most of us are working two jobs and some are attending school high school & college.

I have found that the people that have the expensive homes & cars tip the least but they always want you to give them extra stuff for free. Shame on you!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #634823

Goodness, how do you figure you would be able to find out something like that.

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