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It seems that at one point, Pizza Hut had quit delivering to our company due to people not paying for food when delivered. However, they have since agreed that they would take orders from "select" people within the company.

The select people being myself (white), and one of the two maintenance men I have.Both of my maint. men are African American. But tonight one of my maintenance man called to place an order and was told they would only take orders from the "white" woman. Not only did this offend my maint.

man it offended me as well. One reason being my husband is African American. The head of our H.R. happened to be here and called your store and stated her opinion.

And oddly after that, my husband and one of my team members (an African American) woman placed orders that were taken. The employees at your store should not judge the book by its cover. One person not paying does not mean the others won't. And then the food they ordered belonged to the man that was discriminated against due to his race.

Imagine that. You discriminated him, and then he still bought from you!!! This employee works at store #025881 on College Street in Auburn, Alabama. And I was actually told to state that his girlfriend is "white" and that you would know exactly who he is.

I will be honest and say, that not only was I hurt, and offended. I actually ordered from another pizza company tonight. I was not going to order from you ever again for either myself, or others, BUT the ONLY person that has changed my mind was Lamar (the delivery driver). He was livid about what had happened.

He not only apologized to my husband and I, he apologized to A.J. (the one they refused to service as well). Lamar should not have to apologize for others mistakes. That lets me know Lamar knows the value of a job and the customers he serves and delivers too.

Lamar in short, is the bomb!! He delivers to me all the time, along with Clifford, and "race" has never been an issue. I would hope that after this incident the discriminating employee be dismissed from pizza hut. But that is your choice.

I know I allow NO ONE to discriminate against others at my job, and yes, I am the supervisor. So, I would hope other places would do the same.

Again, I would thank Lamar, as he is the ONLY reason I will order from Pizza Hut again. And for the record, my name is Kathy, not the "white woman" at SCA.

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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