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Tried to download the app, didn't work.I have tried to download the mobile app several times.

To no avail. I called and had a medium pep and onion delivered which they said 40 minute delivery time (?) and the price was 15.99 for a medium, hand tossed, with two toppings. I had to try it because it reminds me of my childhood and I gave it a shot again. So bummed.

It was cold. Dry. Lifeless. I won't order it ever again.

I can go to dominos/papa app and they remember my order, have my address and I am able to track the delivery. It is competitive in Competitors, it is hot, less expensive and delivered to my front door in 20 minutes(or less). No one will care that I took my time to write this review.

I care and I was not satisfied in any aspect of this process.I will stick with dominos.


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