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This is in regard to Pizza Hut in Beaumont, TX on Dowlen Rd. I placed an order and received it about an hour later.

It was cold. I actually had to cook it in the oven for 15 minutes. They also failed to deliver my entire order, several items were left out. I called the store and asked to have these items, that I had already paid for, be delivered.

They refused. I said ok, then credit my charge card. They again refused. I was then hung up on.

I called back and the same rude girl hung up on me again. I called once again and asked for the manager. I explained the situation and asked how he was going to rectify it and he said "I'm not". I said, so you're basically stealing from me by keeping the items I paid for and he said, yeah I guess so, too bad.

He then hung up on me, THE MANAGER! I've filed a complaint through the pizza hut website and asked to be contacted, but I still haven't heard a thing from them. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and am filing a lawsuit against this restaurant.

My husband's an attorney so it will be easy for us.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #784391

We are in Fort Worth and the exact same thing just happened to is. I was just researching their refund policy and came across this. Did Pizza Hut call you as requested?

Usinsk, Komi, Russian Federation #22927

Are you guys serious? I mean. I came across this site on accident and decided to read some entries. Sure, there's no excuse to get hung up on and get treated like that but you guys seriously let that affect you SO MUCH? People now days waste so much time being so pissed off at everything, they never have time to actually enjoy life. You're going out of your way to post on this site, to file a complaint to the BBB... and to actually file a LAWSUIT? You've got to be kidding.

Stop living your lives in front of TVs and eating horrible take out, disgusting fast food. Make an actual dinner and sit around the table with your family. Smile once in a while. LAUGH... once in a while. Just because you get pissed off about one little thing, doesn't mean you have to let it affect your life so much.

Stop being so angry all the time. Relax and actually enjoy life.

to Dyo #831485

*** off, mate. How would you go about it?

"Oh you don't want to refund me my money after this god awful service? I love you, too, Pizza Hut guy!".

Yeah, you're a puss.

to Dyo #1141303

You are an ***. People that order from fast food places including pizza hut should not have to wait over 2 hours to get their food.

I was double charged and that is not acceptable no matter who you order from. Get a life!

to Dyo #1149206

Ordered a pizza they delievered it to the wrong location and told me they would refund it because they could not drop it off at my location still have not seen a refund what is not fair is that hard working citizens get robbed for working our butts off for it

Vyatskiye Polyany, Kirov, Russian Federation #20387

That story is horrible. I can't imagine any business making so much money they could afford to alienate customers and rip them off.

Repeat customers are the bread and butter of many businesses. Maybe you could get the word out to anyone you know who does business with them.

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