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I did not get my our my Pizza 4th and hope our is something I did not ever get my pizza because when the man got here he refused to take my order and give me my pizza because I had a check I have a symptom of the virus I cannot go out and get money and that was my only way of eating and now I have nothing to eat I would like to get my order recent to me ASAP as of right now free at charge today I was contacted by the so-called manager that was very rude to me very ugly to me that thought I had the virus and refused to do my order that got sent to me she had every excuse in the book she lied State and different things that was not saying and I have proof of that as my text messages she would use different phone numbers in contacting me and she lie on her own corporate office stating that she can't give out a free order of food without their permission but she posed to be over a store she is a bald-faced lie now I have been polite with her I can show them all of my messages I have really been in all I've gotten from her is a run around a run around lies and lies and I have all the proof in the world she has made it harder than it seems when all I asked was the same food that you did not let me get the prior day when in the garbage why not replace my food is sending my same order back to my same address was all I asked for but she seems to have a prove a point to prove

User's recommendation: My recommendations is be careful wining and dining at Pizza Hut are ordering or anything from them be careful about it they're good but their service is bad employment is awful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Manager.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Pizza Hut Cons: Manager, Untrained employees, Dishonest staff, Location.

Location: 1220 E Northside Dr, Jackson, MS 39211

Pizza Hut - Did not get my order
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Pay with a check? They were right to refuse you.


I believed you until you said that you wanted your order free of charge. That makes it obvious that you are lying. Look if you cannot afford to eat out dine at home, If you cannot afford that visit a soup kitchen.

@Estella Ejx

I think they paid for their order but when they went to pick it up the manager refused to serve them because they had symptoms of the virus.


You read this wrong and I do not blame you. This person has not passed elementary school.

They did not pay for a thing. They want a free meal because they cannot afford to feed themselves.


Or they are lying

@Estella Ejx

In other words they paid for the order and did not get the food. Then again it is hard to understand what they are saying


It was your responsibility to ask ahead of time if they accepted checks (no delivery places, do, btw). Duh.


Planning in advance is essential to keep from being hungry. lol.

If you had cash then you should have had some groceries in your kitchen. Pizza Hut doesn't owe you free food because you failed to have proper payment on hand.

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