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I ordered my pizza for me and my two year old daughter for delivery at 9:15pm on today 10/22/20 received confirmation of order, 15 min later received phone call from Pizza Hut Worker stating they dont deliver in the apartment complexs anymore so they ask customers to meet drivers at the complex office, to which I agreed to. Then a hour later I received a phone call from same worker stating the delivery driver is refusing to accept the order due to fear of being mugged.

I then asked since when does a delivery driver or any employee refuse to do their job and remain still employed. This is complete discrimination and now me and my daughter whom has been patiently waiting and anticipating the pizza have to go to bed hungry as I used my mothers debit card who offered to buy our meal for the night. I then called back to obtain information: store number and manager name to make a complaint to corporate to which I was told by the male worker they dont give out personal information. But they can have all my personal information my first last name my address phone number email address and debit card information.

I feel that as a Acquired management position I should have been compensated and treated fairly as a Faithful paying Customer to Pizza Hut. Only thing the male worker offered me was a refund on food that was already made so now what they get to eat my pizza or now the pizza is going to waste at the result of a delivery driver feeling unsafe doing his job?!

This is outrageous. 10998 north fwy Houston, tx 77037 ph# 281-447-**** this is the location I ordered from please rectify this as me and my child are now going to bed hungry with no options

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $23.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Pizza Hut Cons: Why doesnt pizzahut have their own customer service, Waited 3 hours for pizza, Terrible service.

Location: 11230 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037

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Alon, whoever you are, you made this post and then made TWO different accounts just to comment more bs on your post. Whoever you are, you’re completely twisted and it’s just sad. I mean what are you doing


I don't even know what to think anymore, Quite frankly I wish I had never made this post at all. I thought I was sharing my experience but I have been attacked.

I have been mocked about my dead husband. He did not kill himself. He died from a diabetic complication. I have been threatened with CPS.

Even since I have posted this complaint I have had trouble sleeping, and have been crying. I mean who mocks someone who just lost their husband. The reason my mother paid for the pizza is because I am currently unemployed as after my husband died I have had to take care of my daughter full time. Yeah my parents do help out and babysit and I do want to work.

I do want to be independent again, but things have been hard since my husband died and I have been mocked. The only people on here who are nine to me are the person who posted as pissedconsumer and zachary2001. The rest of you are causing me stress. Sleepless nights and crying.

I am currently shutting off notifications on this site as most of the replies are judging me for my parenting. Thanks Zachary2001 and pissedconsumer(several numbers behind your name) for all being kind, as for the rest of you. I made a big mistake in coming to this site. Since I was informed that the admin won't delete this letter to get views I will be turning off all notifications from this site and won't reply anymore.

I came here to share my views and it just caused me stress and tear.

I cannot sleep at night. I am done with this site.


I was banned for exposing the truth. Zachary2001.

Yet rude comments are not deleted .

That other person who exposed you are also deleted. The one saying you have multiple accounts harassing users with the same posts


You banned me and that other user for exposing the truth.


I am new to this site.


Why did your unprofessional site IP ban me? Was it for exposing the truth?

Why are the comments of the anonymous poster telling about your multiple accounts harassing users deleted? Why are our posts deleted? You are harassing this woman yet your rude posts still exist. They are not deleted.

Only the posts confirming your creating multiple accounts saying the same thing are deleted. Interesting.


I hope you believe me. I swear that I did not make that post.

Someone hacked into my account and is pretending to be me. Now someone else thinks that I am admitting to hitting my daughter. He is going to show the post to them and he is going to make sure that they take my daughter.

I would never harm my child Some of else posted that. Now CPS my think it's me that admitted beating my daughter.


We have to stop feeding the trolls...


No I mean there is no woman that posted this. Alon, etc is the one who posted this review. They all of a sudden mention that the comments made her so upset she beat up her daughter, classic


No I am the original woman that made this complaint . The comment under my name saying that I beat my daughter was not from me.

Someone hacked my account and is pretending to be me . I wish I never posted this at all. Sharing my story only brought stress and sleepless nights. Whoever is harassing me is making me cry.

I wish I never heard of this site. I wish I never posted this story.


Honestly posting here has caused me nothing but stress. I gave trouble falling asleep.

Alons comments have made me cry. My husband did not kill himself.

He died from diabetes complications. I am not an unwed mother


You are clearly selfish. If your own daughter had a job where she can be mugged would you want her doing the delivery?.

Is pizza much more important to you than someone's safety and life? Also how is this "discrimination" Would you want someone giving out YOUR personal information? NO YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO COMPENSATION. If you cannot afford to pay for your pizza don't get pizza.

If you cannot afford to have kids stop spreading your legs. Also it seems like since you are using your mother's debit card SHE is paying for the pizza, or would be.

Why should you get compensated when SHE is paying for the food, or would have. Honestly find out who your daughter's daddy is and give him a chance to take care of your child, or at least provide you with child support so you can afford to pay for your meal rather than have your mother pay for it and try and get compensation for something that SHE would have paid for because you cannot afford to feed yourself and your child.


I worked at a few pizza delivery places during my college years.At least once a month a driver would be mugged, beaten or threatened with their life. You better believe we would stop all deliveries to that area. A person's life and health is more important than your pizza!


That is the issue. This woman is selfish, she could care less if you were mugged and if your life was in danger, as long as she has pizza.

She should have food in the fridge for emergencies. She beats her child.

Keeps her hungry. I also talked to CPS and they said that once Covid is over they will take her daughter and place her in a foster home.


I wish to delivery all you want from you just contact me through my mail if you need any delivery and let the Opay be aware of it so that we can deal it better


Email? Who are u ?

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