Hi, I ordered from my local Pizza Hut tonight for my girlfriend and I. I chose delivery and before tipping the driver my total was $33.14 After tipping I spent exactly $38 In Indiana for blue-collar workers that is a heck of a lot of money to spend on two people.

My ticket # is 0200

My code is: hacp 29de wnv

Todays date Sep 4 2020

The first thing that prompted this correspondence is the fact I spent 15 minutes filling out the survey on my receipt only to get to the end question where they ask for my email. I tried entering 3 different email addresses of mine and your system said they weren't valid. Simply not true, all 3 are valid.

Now back to my responses on your undeliverable survey.

Spending $33 dollars on 2 people's dinner I kind of have above average expectations. Heres what was wrong, There was so little amount of sauce on my meaty marinara supreme that when I was done one third of the pasta was uneaten and with no sauce on it.

Secondly the 2 pieces of garlic bread included with my meal were child size. They couldn't have been bigger than 3"x 3" at best. Child size garlic bread is what the were.

Really as often as i eat at pizza hut these happenings are unacceptable. I would love to hear a responses from a pizza hut rep.

Thank you!

User's recommendation: Avoid.

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