I thought the $2.25 "Convenience Fee" went to the drivers but it doesn't. I think that's very misleading.

And, I learned, they pay very little in gas reimbursement, oil changes, and vehicle wear & tear. But they certainly have enough money to over-advertise come Super Bowl time. They should be encouraging merit pay and stop standing on the backs of their entry level employees to make themselves wealthy. It's shameful.

So TIP those Pizza Hut drivers because, if you don't, they are probably making less than minimum wage.

And they drive it to your home! They don't just schlepp it from the kitchen to a table.

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I can’t believe how these big corporate idiots continue to impose some stupid *** charges such as a “Service Fee($.42) even if you walk-in to place an order. What kind of *** is that!

I can’t stand how they think. I don’t care if people think this is cruel, but I hope their last moments of living are painful.


I don't care about the convenience fee, if I am ordering food for delivery. That's the price I pay for not going to pick up the order myself. And, I always tip the driver well because they are using their personal vehicle, time, gas, putting wear and tear on their car, etc.


I know at my location they do not insure us, and we get min wage our whole shift. A few drivers have been hit in parking lots and Pizza Hut makes us use our own insurance.

We get 1.10 per delivery and the charge is now $4.10.

Also if our insurance finds out we are a delivery driver we lose our insurance, You are supposed to have commercial insurance they say which is a ton more expensive.

So we have to make sure your order is 100%. Make sure that it arrives in a ridiculously fast time (30 min from the time of your call or we get "dinged") even if your in a crazy apartment complex or hotel or gated community.

Make sure we don't get pulled over for speeding or looking at a cell phone for directions (Were supposed to look at a map and remember turn by turn directions). All this and race back to the store to do it all again.

Not to mention we need to use the restroom or have low blood sugar (as I have seen with a few co-workers).

This has been my only delivery job but I have and will continue to give any driver who brings me anything, at least $5.

I would also like to say that when I see someone hurting for money and they give me $1 or even an apology, I am beyond grateful to them.

They get 100% respect from me. But when I see you drive a Landrover or a Tesla and you tell me to keep your $0.13, I feel like going back to my car and bringing you your change back, because you need it to pay for wherever your going to end up.

Gainesville, Florida, United States #651582

I work for one of the largest Pizza Hut Franchises, which covers a significant number of Florida stores. At most stores delivery charge is $2.50, and $1.25 goes to the driver (at the end of the night).

When they are in the store not on a delivery they are making minimum wage, and on a delivery their income is minimum tip wage, the $1.25 (counting on the order not being undeliverable), and the tip. A driver usually only makes 1-2 deliveries per hour, so that leaves their wages at $.50 below regular minimum wage, and the tip that can push them to about $8-$10 an hour isn't much when you consider the costs of maintenance and higher insurance for the drivers.

Pizza Hut keeps the other $1.25 to cover additional liability associated with sending cars out on the road (possible accidents etc. that aren't a problem with carry out).

So, tip your driver, or pick it up yourself and save $2.50 + tip, have access to carryout only deals, and receive your food quicker :)


I'm a former driver for pizza hut. No "convenience fee" was charged when I drove for the.

$0.33 per mile. (has not changed since gas was $1.99 a gallon 20 years ago.) and state minimum wages which in Idaho is figured for waitresses and drivers to take in to account tips averaging 20% of sales. ($3.19/hr at the time) TIP THE DRIVER.

He doesn't get a penny of the convenience fee. he doesn't make minimum wage if you don't.

to Toby Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #651489

20 years ago gas was a buck a gallon it only started increasing in the mid to late 2000's. don't be fooled oil companies were rich 20 years ago 10 years ago but in the last 10 years they've become really rich.

to Toby #1219002

Why should customers be expected to ensure that delivery drivers make minimum wage? Why is this a burden placed on customers? Let the lawmakers be burdened with this.


You do understand every pizza place charges for delivery correct? And the service charge goes to insurance for the drivers incase they get hurt, or hurt someone on the road.

Mainly because of people that dont' tip the driver gets shafted. even with the service charge, they still won't make minimum wage.

And if they take it away, guess what goes up, price on the food. people really need to think before they speak.


I think it is unfair and awful that Pizza Hut charges us a Conveince fee for delivery when this is one of their benefits to the customer. Then on top of this, they don't give it to the driver.

I hate paying the fee, but, do cause we need it delivered.

It is bad for the driver cause sometimes I don't want to tip because of this fee. But, a good person I am, and I always tip.


I honestly don't think people should tip the delivery drivers at all. It seems harsh but blame pizza hut.

That delivery charge is ridiculously over priced and for it to not go to the drivers is even more ridiculous.

The reason why I say dont tip the drivers is because maybe if the drivers don't get paid extra for driving, maybe they will demand that delivery charge. And pizza hut will have to pay them the delivery charge instead of the corporation pocketing it themselves.

to Pizza hut ***ks #664956

I work for Pizza Hut, we charge 2.00 in MO for a Conveince Fee, the Drivers dont get any of that fee, but we get 4.25/hr and need tips to make the rest of our pay. This start May 28th 2013 for me, I was under a grandfather clause that kept my at 7.35 but I lost it.


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