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Well I called Pizza Hut and ordered a 15 inch gluten free pizza and I requested if they could add extra sauce on my pizza. Well, instead of doing what I asked, they added 1/3 of the amount of regular sauce, 1/2 as many veggies (mushrooms, onions, and peppers) and the crust was extremely crunch and a little burnt on the bottom.

Someone was clearly being a smart-***. Just look at the picture.

Of course I paid for it 5 minutes before it came out of the oven. I was not about to make a scene but I will never go back to that location again.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $15. The author is overall dissatisfied with Pizza Hut and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Muncie, Indiana, United States #1226068

"Of course I paid for it 5 minutes before it came out of the oven.I was not about to make a scene but I will never go back to that location again." What does that mean? You could tell five minutes before it came out that it was going to be wrong, but you paid anyway?

I don't get the passive aggressive nature. You can be an adult and state that something is wrong without causing a scene. I sort of get it. There are a ton of losers that will eat 99% of their meal and then say, "Oh yeah.

I didn't like the look of salt shaker at the table. I not only want this meal for free, but I want the next 54 meals free too!" If there's a legit issue, there's no reason not to speak up in a kind, professional manner.


You gluten-free tree hugging Prius driving ***.

Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1221395

You gluten-free tree hugging Prius driving ***.

to Anonymous #1221401

The OP does not state what vehicle they drive and whether they enjoy trees.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1189184

I can tell you i have worked for pizza hut before sometimes its better not too have all these concerns for food service workers that get payed 8.00 hr and have too do all kinds of horrible extra things for that price i was shift leader so i got 8.50 fast food sucks im a server now anyways these people dont want too hear about glutin free anything take your complaint somewhere else bro....


Sh it, you don't want it, I'll eat it lol. Looks pretty good to me!


If your choice in dietary constraints precludes you from consuming any product with gluten, why are you even considering pizza as an option? I know they have "gluten-free" products but what's the point?

Instead, quit being such a crybaby and either go full carnivore or start foraging for tree bark, thistle and the occasional orange berry found in the wild.

It's a good thing I didn't make your pizza.

Your order certainly would have been gluten-free. Pizza-free for that matter.

to Anonymous #1155644

This person probably ordered it gluten free because they have a gluten ALLERGY. Lots of people think that ordering food gluten free is a pretentious dietary choice (for some ignorant people who don't understand what gluten is, it might be) when in reality it is a requirement otherwise this person will face some severe discomfort or pain. The fact that whoever made the pizza was punishing them for ordering a pizza the way their diet REQUIRES is mildly discriminatory.

to Anonymous #1183750

Dumb***! Have you every heard of "gluten intolerance"?

Look it up! Increase your knowledge base before being critical of somebody with dietary restrictions.

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