I placed an order from your meadowbrook store in fort worth texas. Their phone number is 817-457-****.

There was so much laughter and carrying on in the background including foul language. Kiera was the one who took my order. She told me delivery time would be 1 hour! I was surprised by the delivery time and questioned it.

She said they were busy and delivery times were running about an hour. After waiting for an hour I tried calling the store to inquire about my order. No one answered the phone. I continued to call back and was placed on hold for quite a while.

When they finally answered my call, it was Kiera again. I said "I'd like to inquire about my order." She asked what phone number was associated with the order and I told her. There was so much noise and carrying on in the background she asked me 3 times for the number then told me there was no order associated with my number! I politely said "if the people in the back would quiet down a bit you would be able to hear what I'm saying." I repeated my number for a 4th time and she said the order had just left the store!

I was shocked as it had been over an hour since I placed my order and questioned the delivery time. Kiera's attitude immediately became defensive and she told me delivery time was an hour and 40 minutes!!! I said "that's not what you told me an hour ago when I ordered." I specifically asked her about the delivery time because I thought an hour was too long upon ordering. Had she told me it would be an hour and 40 minutes I would've ordered from a different location.

Once I confronted her on this, she hung up on me! She hung up on me then they refused to answer my calls when I tried calling back to speak with the manager. I called another location and was told by their manager that he's received many complaints regarding the meadowbrook store. That number was 817-496-****.

The manager at this particular location was very polite and offered the managers name to the meadowbrook store along with this survey information. I am demanding a full refund!

If I don't receive one, the charge will be disputed in which my bank will not pay it! The pizza was finally delivered at 10:17 pm it was ordered at 8:50 pm.

User's recommendation: Avoid the meadowbrook location in fort worth texas.

Location: Renton, Washington

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