On june 22 nd at aproximatly 915 am went to pizza hut at 39th and main in kansas city mo ..employee extremely unfriendly on phone when placing order ...when picked up order as entering building the front door had about a 2 inch gap between door and sidewalk ..as i opened the door .,had to pulldoor open towards me the sharp unfinished metal on bottom of front door lacerated foot and tore nail from big toe off ,as i was wearing sandals ....immediately started bleeding ..mentioned to employee that had cut foot on front of door as underneath metal was jagged and exposed ,also showed them she openly couldnt care less .even showed her were it had ripped toenail off ...didnt offet me anything ..not even a napkin or anything to stop the bleeding .....thought it was unprofessional ..gothere

User's recommendation: Not to.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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