We ordered a $75 dollar order today ($10 tip included) it was absolutely the worst pizza(s) bread sticks we have ever gotten from any pizza place ever. Our pizzas were ice cold, dough was gooey and not cooked fully, bread sticks were ice cold and hard.

We shouldn't have to put pizza in our oven to finish cooking or a microwave to heat up. Granted we know it wasn't going to be pipping hot since we live 12 mins from the store in west lafayette indiana but this order was completely ridiculous. The supreme we got in the box order the green peppers and mushrooms were not even cooked. I am so mad right now I was going to call the store manager but was afraid of me being so upset I didn't want to say something that hurt anyone's feelings.

We hadn't ordered in a year because we had the same exact problem before but we love pizza hut and decided to give it another shot, well how I regret that decision now. Not sure if it's the pizza hut on sagamore parkway west lafayette or if it's just pizza hut in general?! We would like to have the same exact order we had tonight made and delivered correctly cooked and at least hot. Is that to much to ask?

I mean I work as a server in a local restaurant and maybe I'm to critical but having people spend their money during a pandemic being strapped for cash right now I'd want them to get what they pay for.

My husband is way to kind and probably won't even call but $75 dollars is a bill for some people and I want this corrected if not you've lost a customer and we will tell people about our experience. Please talk to your store and please do something to correct this horrible order.

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

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