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Active listening . Being personable EFFECTIVE communication Empathizing &;;;;;;;;;;;;; problem solving! What happened to providing exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE?! This store, 9641 White Settlement Rd - White Settlement, TX 76108, will NEVER get my business again. Have some time? I'll be delighted to advise the world of my experience over the past 2 years. The encounter I experienced on Feb. 25 cut the cake and confirmed the decision I've been contemplating for a while.

I placed a $50 order (which included a tip for the driver) for my food and drinks to be delivered at 10:30 a/m. It was a pre-order, which means when the store opened, I would be one of the first group to receive my order! Included in my order of 2 pizzas were 2 cases of the 4-pack soda (2 mountain dews & 2 PEPSIs) and an order of boneless wings.

When I rec'd my order, I seen the drinks were wrong. I rec'd 2 mountain dews and 2 DR. PEPPERS. Because my family and I drink them, I didn't make a big fuss about it (mind you, this isn't the first time this store has messed up my order when it came to something as simple as the drinks ordered). I immediately contacted the store when I seen the 2nd 4-pack wasn't delivered (this was within 10 mins of the driver leaving and had I answered my door, I would've advised him of this information right then).

A lady answered with a nasty attitude, however, I was still polite and advised her of the situation. She abruptly put me on hold in the middle of me speaking. When she returned to the phone, she was adamant about her being the one to bag my order and she know for sure she did everything correctly including the drinks that were sent. Again, I advised the drinks were incorrect, but that wasn't the purpose of my call. At this time, I grew angry because of the tone she handled me in and the poor customer service I received.

I asked if I could speak with the supervisor on staff. Well, lo and behold, she stated she was the supervisor and there was no one else there to handle the matter. I demanded that my PAID items be delivered and advised that in the future when a customer pays for a certain item and it's not available and/or if he/she makes the store aware, it's professional, considerate and respectful to apologize and rectify the issue - not argue, especially when the receipt proves what was bought. In addition, contact the customer and ask if it's ok to send a substitute if it's not already noted on the order.

Moving forward, I mentioned due to the numerous mistakes this store has made with my orders in the past and because of her neglect to listen and provide excellent customer service, did she mind sending a dessert (could have been the cinnabons) with my drinks. She refused. Said the only thing she could do since it was an online purchase is issue a credit. I stated I didn't want the credit because I wouldn't be patronizing this store again - as a matter of fact, I don't want no more business with Pizza Hut (I know each store location is different, however, at this point, I was over everything). She continued to over talk me. Along with the ultimate disrespect, she said the delivery will be made in 1 1/2 hour. I asked why when I stay less than 10 mins away. This has happened before and it was delivered within 10 mins. She said this is what she wanted to do and there is nobody who can make her do otherwise (no lie - her exact words). She then disconnected the call.

At that moment, I literally had to stop and pray because Lord knows if I wasn't at work, this may have went a totally different way. I was beyond furious. I reached out to corporate, the customer & employee complaint line, 800 customer service number and even went so far to call the non emergency police station. I was desperate to speak with upper management/authority for some type of resolve. Nobody was available to assist. It became a headache.

Coming up on 2 hours, I called Pizza Hut back. The same rude *** answered the phone. I asked when were my drinks going to be delivered. She answered, "O, I didn't know you still wanted them. I didn't put it in the system for our driver to deliver." I then said, "Yes, I still want the items I PAID for. I never advised I didn't want them so when should I be expecting them." She replied, you are not getting them. My driver is not delivering and she hung up. She blocked the numbers I was calling from. Even when I called private, I was unable to get through.

*** During the ordeal, I asked this lady what her name was and the store number. She refused to give any information and said she didn't have to do it. Matter of fact, she didn't have to provide exceptional customer service. I need her. ***

By me providing these details and posting my experience, I am wanting someone from headquarters to contact me (shounmcgee@***.com - I will provide my number once the office reach out to me). I wish to be assured that this so called supervisor is held accountable for the disrespect and representation she has of the company, that a consequence will follow her behavior (not just for this to be noted in the books and nothing gets done) and going forward, customers will encounter a pleasant experience. Just as she made the statement, "I need her!" - well guess what, she need us consumers to have a reason to clock in day in & day out. The audacity for anyone to ever put themselves on a pedestal as if they *** doesn't stink and they will never have to come down.

Just over these 2 years alone, I have spent way too much money to be treated the way I was handled. Furthermore, it doesnt matter if someone spends $5 or less, in business, there is a standard to uphold. You must always put your personal feelings to the back burner (especially when you are the face of the brand) and give each customer the respect and exceptional customer service due. No excuses - just results! PIZZA HUT YOU HAVE TO DO BETTER!!!!

Also, make sure to let these employees know when you fix food, make sure to not do a messy job and give us what we pay for - if it's meat lovers - load it with meat, etc. Don't be scarce on the ingredients yet greedy for the profit. Make it make sense!!!!

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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