Got out of the hospital thought a personal pan well done and a ceaser salad would be wonderful support our local business.placed my order sent my boyfriend he was in line for 20 plus minutes by the time the pizza got home which is only 4 minutes away the pizza was cold no big deal looked good so just put it in the oven and enjoy my ceaser salad. NOT!!!

The salad was not tossed in dressing but ok I can do that but NOT.

NO DRESSING I HAVE WORKED HOSPITALITY for years so I called and asked for a refund the manager and was told to bring the food back 12.17 was my total after waiting for one hour he wants me to bring the food back all he had to do was refund me I threw the pizza and the salad in the trash.i asked to speak to the district manager or for a number he replied that he could notgive me that information so I asked that he have his district manager call me and I haven't heard from him. Bad service.waited 8 days for some type of response maybe you could help with this issue

Location: Bridgeport, West Virginia

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Liar and a drama queen


The manager at my local store wouldn't even give me HIS name. I was told that Pizza Hut doesn't provide refunds EVEN when they said they could see my 3 missing items.


If you want a refund you have to bring the food back. If you really worked in the food industry you would know this.

If you are telling the truth about throwing out the pizza and salad, get it from the trash and return it. I bet there was no issue with the food, you ate it and are lying to get a free meal Maybe you need to move on, you ate the pizza, you did not throw it in the trash. It was not cold, there was nothing wrong with the salad. You lied.

If they actually did put dressing in the salad it would have been soggy. Surely someone who supposedly worked in the food industry would know this.


I have to agree. Too many people here trying to get something for free.

This person actually worked in the same field. I hope when they worked in the same field they got customers just like them.

They should be understanding because they had abusive customers. Now she is the abusive customer.


No takeout/delivery place will refund over the phone. They want to see 90% of uneaten food. You can blame the people that scam them.


She is one of the scammers. The reason she cannot return the food is because in reality she ate it and did not throw it in the trash.

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