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8140 south eastern # 1 las Vegas Nevada. Visited this location with family arrived was not greeted just asked if there for pick up we asked can we place a order the cashier Riley very rude so my husband placed the order he asked for a phone number I tried to give it to him he kept saying what so I backed up by the door and pulled my asked out a lil so he could hear me he then yells I can't help you if your mask is not worn correctly I said I have asthma im trying to catch a breathe and my mask is on here is the phone number but he would not stop yelling then says I can refuse service my husband said just make the pizza please but he continues to be disrupted to us so I was just going to go outside and he kept going on I said please stop geez so he comes from behind the counter towards me at the door and continues then go to get his manager name Richard who comes out with no mask and my husband was talking to him the manager kept saying I can refuse service my husband said why well he responded cuz of the mask my husband said well you were not wearing one and also the driver who came out was not wearing one all this cuz of a mask I will never go to.this location again I don't feel comfortable and the manager no apology the whole time we are outside waiting for our order the employee is just watching us it was really scary this is not customer service we not surely not return there.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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(1) Being asked if you were there for pick up IS a greeting. (2) WEAR YOUR MASK CORRECTLY.

Asthma is not a valid excuse to not follow safety protocols! Especially, in a restaurant. You were endangering the health of the employees, as well as your fellow customers, by not cooperating with their mask policy. If you felt you needed to ''catch your breath'' you should've done so OUTSIDE; Before entering the restaurant.

(3) I agree, it's ridiculous that anyone working there wouldn't have a mask on; However, it does NOT entitle you to break the rules, just bc someone else is breaking the rules. That's kindergarten logic. (4) Businesses have the LEGAL RIGHT to refuse service to anyone who refuses to follow safety protocols.

The fact that you needed to be physically escorted out of the restaurant, to make you leave, means you were legally trespassing. You're lucky they didn't just call the cops on you to have you arrested for refusing to leave.

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