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Pizza Hut on 16846 W a bell Rd, surprise AZ is the Pizza Hut closets to me and delivers to my house, which is 2 miles away. First, they have an advertisement for a large cheesy bites pizza for 11.99, that's what I ordered.

The total was 19 dollars and some change, including delivery fee and tax. But she charged 14.99 for the pizza, while I was staring at their daily specials for the exact pizza for $11.99. She tells me the delivery time will be 45 minutes, that's a decent wait time as it is but I wanted my pizza. Well, after one hour passed I called.

She told me he was on the way and will be here any minute. Another 10 minutes passed, no pizza. I called and told her to void my transaction. She tried telling me it takes too long for the void to go through.

Uhm, oh well void the transaction I a not paying for a pizza an hour and 20i hates late. As I tell her this, I told her I was walking out the door to go order food where they'll actually serve it to me. She then says "wait for the delivery driver to tell him to bring your pizza back to the store" wait a minute, SHE TOLD ME TO WAIT for a pizza I canceled and already waited for for an hour and 20. Uhm, not happening.

I was like, you can call him yourself why is this my problem! She then says HE HAS NO PHONE. Hahahah wow, a delivery driver without a phone. I replied by telling her maybe it's time they tighten their ship a bit and asked if she's failing to see the issues hahaha.....

Not to mention, any GOOD manager would of said, keep the pizza, it's on the house and let us make this up to you. Nope, not her, not only did she ask me to wait for the driver, but asked me to wait to SEND THE FOOD BACK.

Ok, so I left the house, got sonic, and came back. At this point it's been 1.5hours.

Guess who was just getting to my house....yep Pizza Hut. I was like you have to be kidding me right?? It's been an hour and a half, take that pizza back and go away.

I am still very disappointed in how the situation was handled. The manager there is probably the worst I have ever dealt with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pizza Hut Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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a driver may leave the stoee with as many as 5 deliveries. get over yourself..

and you made that driver waste his precious gas on your impatient ***.

and not everyone is fortunate enough to have a cell phone. people like you is whata wrong with the world.


Awh you upset someone had a bad experience lol

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #942288

If you're that close and don't want to wait why don't you get off your lazy *** and go get the food yourself? ;It doesn't matter how close you live to the restaurant.

Delivery time depends on how many deliveries they have AHEAD OF YOU. Get over yourself.

to tlc #943181

You seem quite riled up over someone's bad experience lol. It's quite entertaining.

to tlc #1137383

You are such a loser

Mobile, Alabama, United States #847756

-If you saw an error in the price you were charged why not speak up and say something instead of just agreeing to pay more?

-When they told you 45 minutes it was an estimate, not a guarantee. It could be more or less.

-Your pizza wasn't an hour and twenty minutes late, they told you it would be around 45 minutes so at most it was 35 minutes after the given estimate.

-If it was so easy for you to go out and get grub from Sonic why couldn't you have just went and picked the pizza up yourself instead of ordering delivery, then going crazy about the delivery charge and wait?

-A delivery driver without a phone?!?! Yes, believe it or not some people who are barely clearing minimum wage may not be able to afford a phone and still pay their bills and feed themselves.

Not to mention they have to waste gas and time delivering to people who don't appreciate the service like you.

My guess would be you have ordered plenty of times before and you have given them attitude and/or not tipped appropriately and they now move your order to the end of the line. I wish I could have been the driver, as soon as you would have said go away or given any lip you would have been wearing the pizza and carrying a *** *** kicking.

to Jake #848239

Stay classy dude

to Jake #848241

I think you spend way too much time posting garbage on other peoples reviews. Where did this person say anything about going crazy about a delivery charge?

Also, I agree with the person who wrote this review, you don't show up over a half hour late after giving a time of delivery. Also how do you know they did not say anything about the over charge? You are making assumptions there, just because it was not written doesn not mean it was not discussed. As for claiming you would throw a pizza in someone's face, maybe anger management is something you should look in to, clearly you have some issues.

I think this review was clear and helpful. Also after reading many other reviews about this particular place, this customer has an extremely valid review.

This place sounds like the constantly have issues. They need to clean up their act.

to Anonymous Mobile, Alabama, United States #848389

Your mother should clean up her act. Spreading STD's like wildfire is not safe!

to Jake #848535

Haha you truly need a life.you are anembarassment to the human race. GFY little boy.

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