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I first get to see at least 6 employees out back on smoke break with the back door open. Then get inside, my order is wrong.

One of the only people trying to work says that she will fix the order. Meanwhile I get to listen a good line of cusing and food throwing, trying to get close to the pizza's, while watching a employee with more of his underwear showing than not, very appetizing.

The whole time I could not pick out a boss or any type of manager out of the whole lot. I will never ever order or recomend this pizza hut to anyone.

Review about: Pizza Hut Manager.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #629501

It isn't really any of your business how the employees dress or act when they are on break. When employees go out the back door and will be hanging around the door, it has to be left open or else they will have to buzz so somebody can let them back in or go in the main door.

As long as you got waited on, what difference does it make, what the other employees were doing.

As far as the manager goes, he/she might have been in the office, doing paper work, placing orders for supplies, whatever. You only know what you saw, but you don't know the details.

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