1. Ordered online months ago. Went for pickup and store had no record of my order. So no pizza.

2. Month or so later called in order. Apparently the call was sent to a call center that had a quite difficult time locating the store for pickup even when given the road city and zip code. This was after being transferred several times.

3. So today I'm In the area of my local store so decided to physically place an order with an actual human. What could go wrong? Ordered the large two topping special with double pepperoni and extra sauce. Wait time was 35-45 minutes when it takes maybe seven to actually make a pizza. No big deal - I'll run a few errands while I wait. Anyway get the pizza and it has barely a single order of pepperoni and just a smidge of sauce. They did offer to remake it but told them I wasn't waiting another 35-45 minutes. They didn't care. Only cost me $17.99 for a pizza that was available for $7.99 online. See bullet 1 for why I didn't order online.

THE WORST MOST MISMANAGED BUSINESS I HAVE EVER DEALT WOTH. Complete ripoff. And for the record I work in a customer driven/customer focused environment. NEVER GOING BACK!

Apparently it is very hard for Pizza Hut to take an order and make a pizza when given a very simple order.

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