My family and I waited over 2 hours for a delivery. The manager's idea of compensation was to *** $2.00.

I hear Domino's new recipe is good, and they offer a real service guarantee! My family, friends, or associates will be giving Pizza Hut our hard earned money in the near future. I was always a loyal customer, but when I asked the manager did he want to lose my business he casually said "no", stated that they did not have a service guarantee and offered to take $2.00 off the tab. Its not the money, but the principle.

I don't feel as though I was treated as a loyal patron. Good bye, Pizza Hut!

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You folks gotta be kidding me this is bad business i cant go on the job late and neither can you. So Pizza hut cant bet late with a service they offer that i pay for hire more drivers if you're making that much money, if your Doing contract work that work has to be on time or you lose money simple as that no exceptions in any business.

Napa, California, United States #930231

Yeah *** pizza hut

Kirkland, Washington, United States #701384

I hate how every one feels they're entitled to discounts and freebies. It's cheap pizza, sometimes they get tons of orders and are short on drivers.

That's the chance you take when you decide to not pick it up yourself.

I worked for Taco Bell and people always complained when their $100 order took more then 5 minutes, they went on to ask for freebies. Point I'm trying to make is people love to complain and whine when they took the chance, harassing the person getting 9 dollars an hour isn't helping anything, and delaying them from making other orders in a timely manner.

to I hate people Summit, Illinois, United States #863327

2 hours is unacceptable chance or no chance. if you're short on drivers then your better off with hiring and paying the usual *** salary than losing business.

to jnoonu Orange, California, United States #1031837

The ungrateful person who posted this review should be glad they got a discount. If he cannot afford to feed his family he should not be ordering pizza for them.

to KevinRichards #1469810

Like they said, it's not the money, its the principle. Over two hours is completely unacceptable.

Do you think it's okay to receive your order 2+ hours after you ordered when the usual delivery time is between max. 30-40 minutes?

to I hate people #867983

Coming from someone with enough qualifications to land a job at Taco Bell, I don't really understand your lackadaisical view on this. Obviously you, yourself, are not motivated enough with all aspects of yourself to learn a respectable trade so it comes to no surprise that you come to your fellow food workers defense.

Maybe you're okay with being bottom of the barrel, but the rest of society that actually contributes something other than providing an artery clogging convenience would like our food in time, as ordered and with no attitude.

If your 9 dollar an hour *** provides *** service, you're gonna get a piece of mind. You chose this profession, now deal with it.

to ***er #1031841

At least this person is working and supporting his family instead of demanding more than he is entitled to. The dead beat father here got a discount and demands more.

Going to a food kitchen is less shameful than this.

He needs to get a job and then perhaps he can afford to feed his family. Not to mention he has admitted to beating his son up on his birthday because his son wanted a party at Pizza Hut.

to ***er #1058347

Anyone can talk *** behind a computer screen.

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #676164

Pizza hut is always late, the choice is mine as it is to you. Either move on or stay...


Go get the d@mn thing!! Just because service is "offered" doesn't mean you should expect it!! Grow up people!!

to RetailCop Columbia, South Carolina, United States #606475

Yeah, but it's not really "offered" when you pay a delivery fee and a tip. At the end of the transaction I end up paying 10 extra dollars to have it delivered, I expect my order in a timely manner

to RetailCop #613810

Hey retail cop shut the *** up!

to RetailCop #987233

Not everyone has a way to go get the pizza. Its been two hours and I'm still waiting.


So ordered pzone and MY garlic bread pizza online at 8:55pm (ordered for new breaking bad episode at 10)one and a half hours later(1030) they delivered part of the order not even the whole order the delivery driver said I could pay for the whole order now and he would bring rest by later. Still waiting past 2 hours later for them to drop off my pizza!Its 11 at night who the *** wants pizza this late? JUST GOING TO DOMINOS IN THE FUTURE SINCE THERE QUALITY HAS RISEN AND THEY HAVE BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE.


People please don't compare dominos with pizza hut. Dominos is really bad, the other I tried pizza in dominos and was nasty.

About time is everybody knows pizza getting late because is busy because people like it. Go to the store and pick up your food in 15 minutes. Dominos get fast because people don't call dominos.

Don't try to get pizza free because everything cost nothing is free. A lot of people complain because try to get pizza free.

to Pizza critical Houston, Texas, United States #1084552

Dominos is so much better than pizza hut. Dominos uses fresh dough and ingredients. Pizza hut uses frozen dough.....who likes frozen pizza lol And just to let you know Dominos is the number one rated pizza on Google so they get lots of deliveries and they handle them in a timely manner


Ordered pizza at 6:00, it's now 7:00 and my wife is on the phone with Pizza Hut answering service who places the order with the closest store near us, who said they tried to contact the store directly to find out what's going on. No will answer the phone at the store where the order was placed.

She said she would place the order again and it would be free. She wasn't happy with the stores service either.

Finally, some accountability! Pizza arrived while I was typing this post and sure enough, THE PIZZA WAS FREE!!!!


ordered food via Pizza Hut's website at on and when I received my food it was cold.I called the store to complain about the food and asked to speak to a manager; the person would not let me speak to a manager. He told me I had to wait 55 minutes for my food to be replaced.

I told him I would bring the food to the store and that I wanted all my money back to include the tip. When I arrived to the store, two workers were standing around talking. I came in with the food they never asked me if I needed help. I ended up having to ask them if they were working and if I could speak with their manager.

The manager came over and I explained to him that I had called and was told that I would have to wait an additional 55 minutes for my food and I did not want anything at this point just my money back to include the tip. I gave the driver a total of $31. He then called one of the workers that were on the front in talking when I walked in to perform a refund. The worker printed out a slip that had the amount of the food and I told her I wanted my tip back too.

She told me to sign the form and I told her it did not contain my tip. She stated that I couldn't receive my tip back. The manager then told me that he had customers to serve and I told him that I was a 'paying' customer because they had their food and have not gave me my refund. He said that I would have to wait for the driver to come back for my tip refund and I told him that would be fine and that I would wait for him to come back.

He then told me if I didn't leave he would call the police, I told him to go ahead and call the police because I wanted my full refund back. They called the police and I waited. Meanwhile while I was waiting on the police, the driver came in and he was questioning the refund. The female came back up to the register by this time and he was telling her to just give me the money he had because it was what I gave him as he held the $31 in his hand.

She told him to be quiet. She then decided to give me my refund and told them to call off the police but they were already there. I went outside and greeting the police and told them what took place, the like me were confused as to why they would call them over me not getting my refund. I waited for the police to come out and left and went to Dominoes.

NO I will NEVER order pizza from this establishment. Just to think I have spent over $150 at this place within the last month to receive that treatment is unheard of. I should have just let the driver have the tip he was the only one with sense.

I think their actions were a bit absurd and should have been handled better. To call the police because a person want their refund is ridiculous.

steven sense

Didn't order Pizza Hut for many years due to the poor quality. Just started ordering again.

And I am done with them. The soonest I have gotten the order delivered is 40 minutes later than quoted. Once the person delivering the pizza had a name tag that said general manager.

Didn't apologize just got his money and left. If it is rotten at the top what can you expect from the workers?

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