My family and I waited over 2 hours for a delivery.The manager's idea of compensation was to *** $2.00.

I hear Domino's new recipe is good, and they offer a real service guarantee! My family, friends, or associates will be giving Pizza Hut our hard earned money in the near future. I was always a loyal customer, but when I asked the manager did he want to lose my business he casually said "no", stated that they did not have a service guarantee and offered to take $2.00 off the tab. Its not the money, but the principle.

I don't feel as though I was treated as a loyal patron.Good bye, Pizza Hut!

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You folks gotta be kidding me this is bad business i cant go on the job late and neither can you. So Pizza hut cant bet late with a service they offer that i pay for hire more drivers if you're making that much money, if your Doing contract work that work has to be on time or you lose money simple as that no exceptions in any business.

Napa, California, United States #930231

Yeah *** pizza hut

Kirkland, Washington, United States #701384

I hate how every one feels they're entitled to discounts and freebies.It's cheap pizza, sometimes they get tons of orders and are short on drivers.

That's the chance you take when you decide to not pick it up yourself.

I worked for Taco Bell and people always complained when their $100 order took more then 5 minutes, they went on to ask for freebies.Point I'm trying to make is people love to complain and whine when they took the chance, harassing the person getting 9 dollars an hour isn't helping anything, and delaying them from making other orders in a timely manner.

to I hate people Summit, Illinois, United States #863327

2 hours is unacceptable chance or no chance. if you're short on drivers then your better off with hiring and paying the usual *** salary than losing business.

to jnoonu Orange, California, United States #1031837

The ungrateful person who posted this review should be glad they got a discount. If he cannot afford to feed his family he should not be ordering pizza for them.

to I hate people #867983

Coming from someone with enough qualifications to land a job at Taco Bell, I don't really understand your lackadaisical view on this.Obviously you, yourself, are not motivated enough with all aspects of yourself to learn a respectable trade so it comes to no surprise that you come to your fellow food workers defense.

Maybe you're okay with being bottom of the barrel, but the rest of society that actually contributes something other than providing an artery clogging convenience would like our food in time, as ordered and with no attitude.

If your 9 dollar an hour *** provides *** service, you're gonna get a piece of mind.You chose this profession, now deal with it.

to ***er #1031841

At least this person is working and supporting his family instead of demanding more than he is entitled to.The dead beat father here got a discount and demands more.

Going to a food kitchen is less shameful than this.

He needs to get a job and then perhaps he can afford to feed his family.Not to mention he has admitted to beating his son up on his birthday because his son wanted a party at Pizza Hut.

to ***er #1058347

Anyone can talk *** behind a computer screen.

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #676164

Pizza hut is always late, the choice is mine as it is to you. Either move on or stay...


Go get the d@mn thing!! Just because service is "offered" doesn't mean you should expect it!! Grow up people!!

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