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When we tried to order one of the $10, any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings pizzas, we were told we could only order a large one-topping pizza.Then, when I pulled up the website, printed out the add and called the manager we still did not get the pizza we originally wanted.

He told us he would discount the price of the pizza, but he did not do that either. You expect a car dealer to play bait and switch...but a pizza place? What a crock!!!!

Can you say "Papa Murphy's"?It is definitely time to find another pizza place.

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From what I have been told, not all Franchises participate in all deals.The one that I go to doesn't.

I call them and ask if they are participating in a certain deal. Sometimes they say 'yes' and sometimes they say 'no'. Also, because I have been buying pizza's there for years, I will get a discount even if they are not participating. I used to buy the "Any size, any toppings for $10".

It was only for takeout. Not dine-in or delivery. Since I was picking it up after doing my monthly shopping I had no problem with it.

Call and ask.

That's the best that you can do.And snarky answers, like the 'parents car' answer, are just childish.

Orange, California, United States #1031926

Before stealing your parents car and trying to get the deal you should have had them read the fine print which probably said at participating restaurants only.

Mesquite, Texas, United States #936240

That $10 any-pizza-any-toppings offer is online only, and the secret to getting what you want is to begin with a Super Supreme and make meat and veggie substitutions from there. (Example: delete pork topping, add bacon.) I do this all the time and have never run into a problem. Tip: Don't exceed the number of original toppings on the Super Supreme.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #794189

Why did you "print out the ad" if you were talking on the phone with the Pizza Hut people? The money you would've saved on printer ink could've gone towards a pizza.

to PimpdaddyBlueschuck #809433

Please accept this "Least Helpful Comment" award. :)

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #824409

Didn't know our comments on the complaints were supposed to be necessarily helpful.If that's the case then clearly YOU win the award.

At least I gave him some advice he can use in the future as well as possibly making him more aware of his own idiocy. Your comment contained no such advice or wisdom.

Also, due to several past incidents, I have a rule about not excepting pretend awards from anonymous award-givers.I hope you understand.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #936552

Please have mommy read the full ad for you including the small print so you know what is being said.

to Anonymous #1029155

The comment was not helpful I agree, but you have to agree, that the OP was caught in a lie.


boycot pizza hut for bait and switch the merchants should be forced to honor the deal or give up the name pizza hut

Toledo, Ohio, United States #725930

They also say any pizza , any toppings, but try to order more than 5 toppings and you find that they lie.Their excuse is "more than 5 toppings will prevent the pizza from fully cooking; but their super supreme is more than 5.


Also they refuse to respond to my inquiry about this.LIARS and CHEATS.

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